During my professional journey, I had the privilege of working for 3 years at Colectivo Dimetria, a renowned design agency. Within the company's design department, I was entrusted with the responsibility of creating exceptional packaging and promotional material for globally recognized brands, including Mercedes Benz, Amazon, Nestlé, and many others.

Throughout my tenure at Colectivo Dimetria, I honed my skills and expertise in rendering, delivering over 5000 high-quality renders during that time. These renders played a crucial role in showcasing product designs and marketing materials, with an impressive 90% of them proceeding to the production stage. It was truly gratifying to witness my work come to life and contribute to the success of these esteemed brands.

I am excited to showcase a selection of these renders that exemplify my dedication to delivering excellence in design. The showcased works highlight my proficiency in capturing the essence of the brands I worked with, while effectively conveying their unique identity and value propositions.

I invite you to explore the collection of renders I have included, which represents a fraction of the extensive body of work I have produced throughout my career. I hope that these visuals provide a glimpse into my commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions and my ability to bring concepts to life through the art of rendering.